Terms and Conditions

Documentation regarding the Terms and Conditions of Appointments to UCSD Graduate Medical Education training programs is provided below under corresponding year of residency Terms and Condition.  The following sample documents are also included:
  • Appointment Letter (Preventive Medicine)
  • Acceptance Form (Preventive Medicine)
  • Position Description
  • Appointment Addendum
Additional information, such as the House Officer Policy and Procedure Document (HOPPD) and the GME Administrative Policy and Procedure Document, may be found by visiting the website of the UCSD Office of Graduate Medical Education located at:  http://meded.ucsd.edu/gme.  These documents provide information regarding:
  • Institutional eligibility, selection and nondiscrimination criteria
  • Hours and working conditions policy
  • Supervision policy
  • Policies regarding evaluation, promotion, corrective action, and dismissal
  • The specifics of the Housestaff group health, life, dental, vision and disability programs

Terms and Conditions:
        July 2012–June 2013
        July 2013–June 2014